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Gift of farming: Programs
Gift of Farming: UPDATE
Thank you for helping us reach and exceed our goal.

​Gang violence in Haiti makes us very uneasy and we can't be assured that shipping the equipment safely to the Brothers is possible. Due to these volatile conditions, we are holding the Gift of Farming funds.


We'd ask for your continued prayers for peace and stability in Haiti.

Again, thank you to all of our donors for your continued support.

Give the gift of farming

Imagine having the desire to help your community but not the tools? 

The Haitian people are incredibly proactive in wanting to help their communities but are often limited by the lack of funding and resources available. We want to change this.

Helping them help themselves

The Religious Brothers of Saint Alphonse Marie of Liguori of Jacmel in Haiti are seeking sponsorship for the purchase of a small tractor and farming equipment. These vital tools will help increase production and enable the Brothers to provide for themselves and others in their community.

“Through efficient mechanization, the tractor will help liberate many valuable hours and energy for the farming families which they can use in other productive and recreational activities while still increasing their cultivated area and food output.”

– Professor Luis Flores, Michigan State University

How will a tractor help?

The tractor and farm equipment will be used to prepare the Brothers land for planting. Currently, farming is done manually which means it‘s very labor intensive and low in yield. This tractor will enable a single person to produce better results in four hours than twenty people could do in a single day.

The Brothers will also lease out their services to local farmers for a small fee to generate income. Many of the local farmers struggle to provide for their families so having access to more efficient equipment will greatly improve their daily lives.

The Brothers and Sr. Luce went to the dealership to view the tractor and one plow that they would be able to purchase if we can raise another $5,500.  This would make a huge difference in their efforts to farm!

We're grateful for the progress and hope we can get enough to make phase one of the purchase.

tractor goal thermometer percentage_100.png





Get involved

The tractor and equipment will cost $60,000. It's a lot of money but we believe in the power of our faith and community. If you feel called to donate, use the link below or send a check to Whatsoever You Do, c/o Sandy Wolniakowski, PO Box 156, Pewamo, MI, 48873.

Please mark all donations “Gift of Farming” if you‘d like your gift to be used for this project. Donations not marked will be wired to Sr. Luvia for the support of the schools and/or orphanage.

* All gifts are tax-deductible

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