Working together in partnership

Whatsoever You Do

Whatsoever You Do is an apostolate formed by a core group of members from St. Joseph and St. Pius X Parishes.  After nearly twenty years of collaboration between the parishes to support Sr. Luvia and her missions, these individuals recognized that the scope of the mission projects would require extensive support in order to be achieved.  Whatsoever You Do was formed in the hope of gaining that support.

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Sr Luvia

Sr. Luvia is a native of Haiti. She began her religious life under the direction of a Redemptorist Priest who was serving as a missionary from Belgium. She started her vocation not knowing the scope of the work that God would lead her to.  With the permission of her Bishops, she's founded an orphanage, schools and Religious orders. Together they work to bring Christ to the people of Haiti, both spiritually and physically.

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Sr Luvia

"My mission is threefold:  I hope to feed people's souls, bodies and minds.  It may be necessary to feed their bodies before they'll accept food for their souls or an education.  I hope to help the people to be better equipped to gain food for their souls and bodies, and that once nourished, they will help many others in Haiti."