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Year End Update

Whatsoever You Do Year End Challenge is HUGE Success!

Here's the final tally on donations received towards the match grant challenge!

We certainly ended the year with a bang and it's all because of YOU!!

School/Orphanage  $14,349.96  + $5,000.00 initial donation received for match grant challenge.  
$22,000 was wired to Sr. Luce for the orphanage and school!  She asked for $2,000 to help provide a Christmas for the children, and was so very grateful to learn that we could wire much more!  She told us that some of the remaining money will be used to make necessary repairs in the school, with the rest used as it is most needed in the school and orphanage. Sr Luce reports the children began returning to school in person the week of December12. She expects full enrollment by January. 


The political situation in Haiti appears to be stabilizing. The gangs' stronghold on Port-Au-Prince is weakening. Praise God for this good news! 

Gift of Farming 
$  8,286.80  + $5,000.00 initial donation received for match grant challenge.
We are hopeful that we can now purchase the tractor and at least one implement

We'd also like to share Sr. Luce's Christmas message:

Hello all,

The coming of Jesus invites us to cling to hope in order to persevere in order to show solidarity, because the word of God does not lie. Something better awaits us, and we will see it, we live it with joy and joy.
Merry Christmas 2022 & Happy New Year 2023,
Sister Luce Damus Superior

We are inspired by her faith and dedication!  Please keep her and all of Haiti in your prayers and be assured that you are in her prayers as well!

Ding deng dong, yes, it's Christmas because this year we'll celebrate together quickly, quickly, quickly, let's get together at the foot of the tree. Together we will sing Noël with all our friends and family and we will call Noël, Father Noël comes down with gifts for us.

Réf: This year Christmas is more beautiful because we celebrate together oooo and when the midnight bell rings together, together we cry Christmas in our hearts (repeat)

Working together in partnership

Whatsoever You Do

Whatsoever You Do is an apostolate formed by a core group of members from St. Joseph and St. Pius X Parishes.  After nearly twenty years of collaboration between the parishes to support Sr. Luvia and her missions, these individuals recognized that the scope of the mission projects would require extensive support in order to be achieved.  Whatsoever You Do was formed in the hope of gaining that support.

Haiti 459.JPG.jpg
Sr. Luvia 2019.jpeg

In Loving Remembrance

Sister Luvia Joseph

Foundress & SuperiorMissionnaires Christ Marie Alphonse for the FamilyPort-au-Prince, Haiti

Sr. Luvia was a native of Haiti. She began her religious life under the direction of a Redemptorist Priest who was serving as a missionary from Belgium. She started her vocation not knowing the scope of the work that God would lead her to.  With the permission of her Bishops, she founded an orphanage, schools and Religious orders. She lives on through her work in bringing Christ to the people of Haiti, both spiritually and physically.

About : What We Do
Sr. Luvia holding rosary.jpg

Sr Luvia

"My mission is threefold:  I hope to feed people's souls, bodies and minds.  It may be necessary to feed their bodies before they'll accept food for their souls or an education.  I hope to help the people to be better equipped to gain food for their souls and bodies, and that once nourished, they will help many others in Haiti."

About : Quote

Keeping costs low to more efficiently help those in need.

The mission of Whatsoever You Do remains rooted in faith and hope that together we can make a difference.  As volunteers, we have little costs.  We’re proud to report that 99% of funds received in 2021 have been or will be used for the support of the poor of Haiti.



Julie Utrup

Dr. Bill McInnis

Michele Stutzky, Secretary

Sandy Wolniakowski

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