It is the prayer of Whatsoever  You Do that our efforts serve to create awareness of the needs and missions of Sr. Luvia and her Religious,  who  have devoted their lives to serving God and His people in Haiti.


For those wishing to donate to assist their efforts, we will serve as a conduit.  We maintain the goal of putting as much of your money to work in Haiti as possible


We also promise not to solicit for  additional donations. We will do our best to keep you informed of the current needs and future dreams.  However, we will prayerfully place our trust in God to provide the donors and funds according to His will.

Thank you, God bless you! 

Whatsoever You Do Mission Statement: 

To demonstrate the love of Christ to people in need.



Whatsoever You Do is an apostolate formed by a core group of members from St. Joseph and St. Pius X Parishes.  After nearly twenty years of collaboration between the parishes to support Sr. Luvia and her missions, these individuals recognized that the scope of the mission projects would require extensive support in order to be achieved.  Whatsoever You Do was formed in the hope of gaining that support.

The WYD board is:

Julie Utrup, President

Dr. Bill McInnis, Vice President

Sandy Wolniakowski, Treasurer

Michele Stutzky, Secretary

Fr. Chris Rouech, Spiritual Director

Jean Paul Polynice, Cultural Advisor/Interpreter



T: 989-593-2479