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Orphanage of Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Founded by Sr. Luvia Joseph in 1978, this orphanage has served hundreds, if not thousands of destitute girls.  The Sisters work to provide love, security, knowledge of God, and education to each of the girls of the orphanage.  The ages of the girls who call Our Lady of Perpetual Help Orphanage their home can range from infant to young adults.  While most of the girls living in Our Lady of Perpetual Help are orphans, not all are.  Some have been brought by their parents to the orphanage because they were unable to provide for them. 

Currently, it costs over $400 per month to feed the children, with additional expenses for their education and medical care. 

Donations made will go towards improving the quality of nutrition, education, and housing for the girls at the orphanage.

* All gifts are tax-deductible


What some of the girls at Orphanage of Our Lady of Perpetual Help have to say:

“At the school and at the orphanage we pray to God and we pray for our donors.  Our faith grows, because if we are alive it is thanks to God."

“We are grateful to be alive. It hurts us a lot, because we have raped children who are the same age as us.."

“We want there to be less violence, less kidnapping, that there are fewer problems in Haiti.  We want people to be able to have jobs and help their families."

“We have undergone a positive change at the orphanage.  We love to pray, help others, share and trust God."

“The Sisters who care for us are kind people, who have heart, who love their neighbors and help those who are the weakest in our society.  They are models of Christians for us"

“We hope for change in Haiti and the Church will be the basis for change."

“We pray every day and put ourselves in the hands of God and the Virgin Mary.  We believe there will be change in Haiti."

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