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Our mission

Our mission is to demonstrate the love of Christ to people in need through empowering and impactful initiatives. We believe that by partnering with the community of Missionaires of Christ Marie Alphonse, we'll be able to support them in the ways they need most.

With your help, we can continue to support and nourish the growth of this community in Christ.

Continuing to Hope

While it's true that life in Haiti seems to be a never-ending story of despair, we'd be missing something if that's where we focus.

In the nearly twenty-five years that we've partnered with the missions of Sr. Luvia, we have witnessed countless reasons to have HOPE; faith in a future we cannot see or know.

We have been blessed to join the Sisters' missions to bless God's children in Haiti with food for their bodies, faith for their souls, an education for their future and for some a safe place to live.

While the headlines demand our attention to the evil, make no mistake; God is in control! He multiplies our gifts and our prayers to do what only He can do!


So far in 2024 we have successfully wired $23,600.00 to the Sisters. It's only possible because of your financial and prayerful support.


Thank YOU!

- Whatsoever You Do Board


Founded in 1984 and relocated following the earthquake of 2010, which claimed the lives of 150 students.  This school has morning and afternoon sessions, educating and feeding over 2500 students daily as funds and supplies allow.

* All gifts are tax-deductible

This girls orphanage was founded in 1976, and was relocated twice due to the earthquake of 2010 & Hurricane Sandy in 2012. In 2016, with the help of many benefactors, the orphans took residence in their first permanent home in six years.  The home is safe, but is in need of many repairs.

* All gifts are tax-deductible


A Need for Proper Tools

The Religious Brothers of Saint Alphonse Marie of Liguori of Jacmel in Haiti are seeking sponsorship for the purchase of a small tractor and farming equipment. These vital tools will help increase production and enable the Brothers to provide for themselves and others in their community.

Hello benefactors,*

I take the time to greet you and thank you for all your donations.

We have two needs:  We want to rent a house for the Sister to live in, because in the orphanage it is not a comfortable space because there are children playing and noise.   Sometimes we need a quiet space and a space to pray with the other sisters. You need furniture for this space: oven, bed, living room and others. I am far from having the means to rent this house because the expenses are a lot in the congregation.


If the Lord will allow you to work with me in this way, it would suit me.
I wanted to complete the house of the male branch that Sister Luvia had started. For me, this is an emergency. These missionaries who lived in the territory of the Sisters of Chalon had to return home, thus allowing Sister Yvonia to come to Charlon because she was running a school there.

Thank you for your closeness and your big heart. These are the two urgent needs.

Sister Luce Damus

*This message has been edited for clarification lost in translation.

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Who We Are

Whatsoever You Do is a non-profit that has been supporting the Missionaires of Christ Marie Alphonse and founder Sister Luvia Joseph. It was started by members from St. Joseph and St. Pius X Parishes in West Michigan who recognized that the scope of Sr Luvia‘s mission would require significant support.


The mission of Whatsoever You Do remains rooted in faith and hope that together we can make a difference.  As volunteers, we have little costs.  We’re proud to report that 99% of funds received in 2021 have been or will be used for the support of the poor of Haiti.

What We Provide


With the resources we currently have available, we are able to provide the children with 1 meal per day.  Future donations will allow us to increase this number.


With your help,  we can begin work on the much-needed repairs that the Girls orphanage requires.


2,400 students attend our school. With 60-70 kids per classroom, we are seeking donations to improve the quality of education for our students.

Home: Who We Are

Help Spread
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Whether you are able to donate or not, sharing our cause with friends, family, and on social media will help our cause tremendously.

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