Jesus Understands

In our communications with Sr. Luvia, she often repeats, “Jesus understands.” 

Haiti has not been spared the wide reaching impact of COVID19.  Haitian people are no strangers to difficult times, but that doesn’t mean it gets easier. 

Our friends are in a daily struggle for survival. As they practice social distancing to protect their health, they face the more difficult challenge of providing food for their families.   

Sr. Luvia and the Religious Sisters and Brothers who join her do not waiver in their constant efforts of ministering to the people, both spiritually and physically.  The orphanage continues to operate, providing a safe place and the necessities of life for many girls, ranging from toddlers to young adults.  The school is expected to open in August.  It is not certain the number of children who will attend, but in the past, the number of students who come for food, safety and education has exceeded 3,000.   

The mission of Whatsoever You Do remains rooted in faith and hope that together we can make a difference.  As volunteers, we have little costs and that means we are able to wire nearly 100% of the funds we receive directly to Sr. Luvia’s missions in Haiti.  We trust that God will use it to bring help and hope!

Please continue to pray for the people of Haiti and for Sr. Luvia and her Religious. 


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                                                      A Tractor for Haiti

Sr. Luvia also is also the founder of the Religious Brothers of Saint Alphonse Marie of Liguori of Jacmel, Haiti.  The Religious Brothers are seeking funding for the purchase of a small tractor and farming equipment.  Currently, farming is done without the use of equipment.  It is very labor intensive and low in yield. 

The tractor and farm equipment will be used for planting of crops on the Brothers land.  The Brothers will also lease out their services to local farmers.  While harvesting will still be done manually, the increased production is expected to allow the Brothers to provide for themselves and others in their community.  Leasing their services to local farmers for a small fee will generate income for the Brothers, but will also result in increased production for the farmers who struggle daily to provide for their families.

So much of Whatsoever You Do’s efforts have gone to meet the needs of daily living.  We believe that the tractor and farm equipment are unique in that they offer a way for the Brothers to provide for themselves and directly impact lives around them. 

This request has been given extensive research.  With the help of a professor who specializes in agriculture in foreign countries, a business plan has been formed.  The long term sustainability of this investment has been addressed, as has the wide spread benefits.

Whatesoever You Do believes this is a project worthy of our efforts.  In an effort to raise the nearly $60,000 required, we have applied to various foundations for grants.  We ask for your prayers for the success of this project.   If you wish to become involved with a financial donation you may do so in one of two ways. 

Checks can be sent to:  Whatsoever You Do

                                    c/o Sandy Wolniakowski

                                    PO Box 156

                                    Pewamo, MI  48873

Or online at

Please mark all donations “Tractor” if you wish that they be used for this effort.  Donations not marked will be wired to Sr. Luvia for the schools/orphanage.


If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call

Sandy Wolniakowski  (989)593-2479

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Prayer for Deliverance of Haiti

We salute the presence of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Let your holy name be glorified, sanctified and adored on all the surface of the Earth. We know how much you love us Father, just tiny in front of you to beg for your kindness for the country of Haiti. Father in the name of your son Jesus Christ, we beg you to change the hearts of Haitians to take a look for mercy, kindness, and love for the country of Haiti, which through this situation: insecurity, misery, flight, crime, and violence. Listen Lord of our prayers who cries out to you, for the deliverance of this country. O you Lord who are our refuge and our strength. You said Lord, every morning you renew your compassion for your people, renew your compassion for Haiti by your power, you saw the misery of Haitians. Allow your Holy Spirit to hang over Haiti, and bless everyone who prays for Haiti. Mary, mother of Jesus, our mother, our Lady of the Assumption, pray to Jesus your son for us, because we know that your prayer has a lot of guarantee on the heart of your son. Bring Haiti to the heart of your son, pray for us, that Haiti can emerge from this crisis. Good Jesus be supportive of our prayer. We have every confidence in you. Our Lady of the Assumption pray for Haiti Our Lady of the Assumption pray for us Our Lady of the Assumption pray for us. AMEN By: Sr. Luvia Joseph, MCAF

Trade School

Learning to Sew and to Cook!

In 2019 Sr Luvia began a trade school to train young adults and parents of St Alphonse students  to sew and cook. They paid a small fee to enter the program; and are receiving training thus far; but hope to sell their food/ wares to earn income in the future. The parents will also be able to sew clothes for their children. Sr Luvia purchased the sewing machines and deep fryers from money donated by Whatsoever You Do 

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Whatsoever You Do Mission Statement: 

To demonstrate the love of Christ to people in need.



Whatsoever You Do is an apostolate formed by a core group of members from St. Joseph and St. Pius X Parishes.  After nearly twenty years of collaboration between the parishes to support Sr. Luvia and her missions, these individuals recognized that the scope of the mission projects would require extensive support in order to be achieved.  Whatsoever You Do was formed in the hope of gaining that support.


T: 989-593-2479