Current Needs & Future Goals

Current and Ongoing Needs:  

  • Funds to pay teachers and purchase food and supplies for the schools

  • Operating expenses of the schools, orphanage and homes of the Religious

  • Living and formation expenses of the Religious

  • Medical expenses


Future Dreams

  • Create computer labs in the schools

  • Purchase a site for a University/Vocational School: 

    • Creating opportunities to learn trades and earn a living

  • Creating Self Sustaining Resources for Religious:

    • Tractor for the Religious Brothers to use and to rent to local farmers

      • Help farmers by giving them seeds​

    • Bakery for the Religious Brothers in Jacmel:  It is hoped that they can raise funds by selling baked goods.  With the funds they can repair the house in which they live.

  • Purchase a site for a cemetery for the Religious Sisters

  • Purchase a home for the Religious Sisters to live in

  • Purchase a site for a home for old and abandoned adults

  • Create an orphanage for boys

  • Purchase a site for a workshop that could be used by the parents to sew or do other tasks that might allow them to earn an income.